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One-on-One Classes

Top teachers hold one-on-one classes, covering listening, speaking, reading, writing, and more. It helps you improve English with less effort.


Visualized Evaluation System

Visualized evaluation system tracks your improvement by analyzing learning data and adapting the course to your needs. The one-on-one communication with your personal study advisor helps you stop procrastination.



We take pride in the work done by our content development team, countless hours of hard work and human ingenuity, all to make English learning fun and easy for you.

Quality Guarantee

The 11th G20 Leaders' Summit Official Language Training Provider

In 2016, AI Core Course provided professional and structured mobile English training service for over 4,000 volunteers of the 11th G20 Leaders' Summit in Hangzhou.

Systematic and Methodical Courses

  • The Placement Test sorts individual users into one of eight levels, and provides content customized to their level.
  • An intelligent algorithm collects and analyzes individual users’ performance and behavioral data in order to continuously optimize their curriculum.
  1. Lv 1 Beginner

    Can use basic English to communicate simple facts and personal information with others.

  2. Lv 2 Elementary

    Can use simple sentences to discuss topics related to daily life and ask for information.

  3. Lv 3 Lower Intermediate

    Can talk about events in the past, present and future and use more varied and complex language to describe themselves.

  4. Lv 4 Intermediate

    Can logically describe causes and effects of events. Can converse in English on a range of topics.

  5. Lv 5 Upper Intermediate

    Can communicate in a relaxed and fluent manner. Can begin to discuss abstract concepts and to back their opinions with reasoning.

  6. Lv 6 Advanced 1

    Can understand or discuss both concrete and abstract topics. Can participate in any technical discussions in relative specialisation.

  7. Lv 7 Advanced 2

    Can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. Can communicate in complex sentences with complex vocabulary and phrases.

  8. Lv 8 Mastery

    Can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read. Can read or speak at a native level.

  1. Lv 1
  2. Lv 2
  3. Lv 3
  4. Lv 4
  5. Lv 5
  6. Lv 6
  7. Lv 7
  8. Lv 8