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Personalized Courses

Placement Test identifies users' English level efficiently. Sophisticated AI technology optimizes the learning experience. The more you study, the more the course adapts to you.


Targeted at Four Skills:
Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

The course effectively enhances English proficiency through instant feedback on pronunciation, and scientific combination of input and output.


Gamified Learning Experience &
Immersive English Environment

Comprehensive original content, high-quality audio recorded by American voice actors. It'll be an interactive and gamified experience that makes learning fun!


Mobile English Learning App & Visualized Study Data

Accessible, interactive; anytime, anywhere. Visually presented study data that tracks every bit of progress.

Supported by authoritative,
advanced learning theory

Recursive Hierarchical Recognition

  • Follows the four-skill learning path, prioritizing listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Emphasizes a scientific approach with short, frequent and systematic practice.
  • Uses multi-modal input to build long-term memory.
  • Develops pattern recognition and language chunking skills.
Lance Knowels

Principal Academic Consultant / Father of Brain-Based Cognitive Theory

Lance Knowles

Systematic and Methodical Courses

  • The Placement Test sorts individual users into one of eight levels, and provides content customized to their level.
  • An intelligent algorithm collects and analyzes individual users’ performance and behavioral data in order to continuously optimize their curriculum.
  1. Lv 1 Beginner

    Can use basic English to communicate simple facts and personal information with others.

  2. Lv 2 Elementary

    Can use simple sentences to discuss topics related to daily life and ask for information.

  3. Lv 3 Lower Intermediate

    Can talk about events in the past, present and future and use more varied and complex language to describe themselves.

  4. Lv 4 Intermediate

    Can logically describe causes and effects of events. Can converse in English on a range of topics.

  5. Lv 5 Upper Intermediate

    Can communicate in a relaxed and fluent manner. Can begin to discuss abstract concepts and to back their opinions with reasoning.

  6. Lv 6 Advanced 1

    Can understand or discuss both concrete and abstract topics. Can participate in any technical discussions in relative specialisation.

  7. Lv 7 Advanced 2

    Can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. Can communicate in complex sentences with complex vocabulary and phrases.

  8. Lv 8 Mastery

    Can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read. Can read or speak at a native level.

  1. Lv 1
  2. Lv 2
  3. Lv 3
  4. Lv 4
  5. Lv 5
  6. Lv 6
  7. Lv 7
  8. Lv 8

A Leading Intelligent Adaptive Learning System Like AlphaGo

Our personalized English learning system shifts the traditional language acquisition paradigm with a brand new, self-evolving teaching model. It can continuously learn and self-evolve like AlphaGo.